Re'Shae Green: Breaking Mental Health Stigma One Children's Book at a Time

Grand News Network | April 21, 2024

United States, 21st Apr 2024, King NewsWire - In a world where the stigma surrounding mental health still persists, Re'Shae Green emerges as a beacon of change. As an African American woman, former educator, and current Master's in Social Work candidate at Fordham University, Green is on a mission to transform perceptions and provide support for mental health issues, especially within her community.

Growing up with undiagnosed mental health challenges, Green understands firsthand the importance of education and support for young minds. Her journey from confusion and isolation to advocacy and empowerment inspired her to write children's books that tackle mental health issues with empathy and understanding.

One of her notable works, Emmel Zealous: Hip-Hop Dreams, introduces readers to a young girl named Emmel who struggles with an anxiety disorder. Through Emmel's journey, Green adeptly navigates the complexities of mental health, illustrating the challenges faced by many children today. As a dreamer with talent and sass, Emmel embodies the courage needed to confront anxiety and pursue one's aspirations.

"Emmel Zealous: Hip-Hop Dreams is more than just a story; it's a tool for empowerment," says Green. "I want children to see themselves in Emmel, to know that they're not alone in their struggles, and to feel inspired to overcome obstacles."

According to recent statistics, mental health issues affect approximately An estimated 26% of Americans ages 18 and older -- about 1 in 4 adults -- suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. Despite these alarming numbers, resources and support remain limited, particularly within minority communities. Green aims to fill this gap by promoting dialogue, providing resources, and fostering understanding.

In addition to her work as an author, Green invites individuals to join her mission by subscribing to her website. By signing up, subscribers gain access to a free downloadable 30-day journal featuring gratitude prompts designed to promote self-reflection and emotional well-being.

"I believe that education and open conversation are essential in dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health," Green explains. "Through my books, my advocacy, and my platform, I hope to spark meaningful change and support for all those struggling with mental health challenges."

For media inquiries, interviews, or further information, please contact Re’Shae Green at,, @emmelzealous

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